Ozone Virus/Bacteria Removal
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Ozone kills 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses

The Power of Ozone

“Did you know that ozone only takes 10 seconds to kill 99 percent of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, and viruses – 3,500 times faster than chlorine”

This is because one molecule of ozone is equal to 3,000 to 10,000 molecules of chlorine. Being the most powerful and rapidly-acting oxidizing agent on earth, ozone is the best killer of destructive, disease causing organisms. It has even been proven that ozone kills cancer cells upon contact! Other healing mechanisms of ozone include:

  • Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa
  • Stimulation of oxygen metabolism
  • Activation of the immune system


What is Ozone?

Do you remember that poignant, fresh smell of air right after a thunderstorm? When you inhale, the fragrance may seem familiar even though you can’t really place it. You might call this scent cleansing. Indeed, that is precisely what it does: it cleans the atmosphere and can similarly cleanse our bodies. It occurs not only after rainfall, but also near waterfalls and ocean waves. You can even get a whiff of it when sunlight hits fields of snow. This familiar scent is called ozone. Ozone is produced when oxygen molecules are being broken down by ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Present day technology has allowed us to produce ozone at will, eliminating the need to wait for nature to make this substance.


Oxygen and Ozone 

Ozone is made up of that same oxygen that we breath. The only difference between the two is that ozone is made up of three oxygen atoms, while the oxygen that we breath is made up of only two atoms. Ozone, due to the third oxygen atom, is naturally unstable. This means that it always wants get rid of that extra atom. Therefore, when O3 comes in contact with any cell, the third atoms will be transferred over. When this reaction happens, O3 transforms back into O2 but, its conventional properties develop more powerful and more energized nature.

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