Other Services

High Speed Buffing

$99.99 and up Clay Wax Process by hand

$134.99Paint Correction 

$499.99 Ozone Odor Removal

$129.99 and upWater Spot removal

$124.99Shampoo and Carpet Spa Only

$59.99Headlight Restoration

Renews Yellow Headlights Up To 90% Better Visibility


Rim Restoration


Shampoo, Floor mat and Spa Treatment

Floor Mat Shampoo
including all floor mats + trunk floor mats, vacuumed and extracted


Floor Mat Shampoo

Carpet, Floor mat and Mat Spa

  • Combination of Spa Treatment
  • Extraction of Carpet and Floor
  • Interior thoroughly vacuumed and wipe down center console, dashboard, door jam and door panel


Engine Steam Clean

  • Wash and steamed engine
  • Details all compartment
  • Dress up plastics


Motorcycle Detail

  • Full Service Wash Plus
  • Ultimate exterior detail paying attention to nooks, crannies and crevices of motorcycle.
  • Please note any heavy on oxidation, hard water deposit or any additional service requires and additional charge. Please ask attendant.