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About Us

Here at Promenade Car Wash & Spa we are always thinking of new ways to optimize our service. Now we are taking it one step further by not only offering a Grade A service to our customer but by protecting our planet as well. Implementing a waterless detailing process using pH-balanced formulas and plant-derived products, we have discovered how to deliver the same if not better results in a very precise and detailed 3 hour wash/ detailing process. During the three-hour Elite exterior detail, trained technicians begin with a smart clay bar scrub to exfoliate the vehicle’s clear coats. They then apply and buff a Brazilian Carnauba wax resulting in an ample shine gleaming with perfection. Following that comes an application of antistatic showroom conditioner using a high quality Cyclo Polisher Machine.
Playing our part to save our environment and protect our natural resources, we use revolutionary organic cleaning products that wash, polish & protect your vehicles finish. We offer a wide range of environmental friendly car washing / detailing services while saving 50 gallons of water per vehicle. Our products produce superior results and protection without the use of harmful chemicals. Our waterless washing solutions encapsulate dirt particles, aiding them safely away from the paint surface. We use top quality Super Plush Microfiber towels to give your vehicle a showroom finish.
Our Elite Exterior Detail is just right for owners who’d like to relive the moment they saw their vehicle fresh and new on the lot or ideal for those already in a fairly good condition but needing a little upkeep from time to time. With an extensive range from regular washing through to full car detailing services for both interiors and exteriors, we have the service to suit you. Promenade Car Wash & Spa-Eco Waterless Auto Detail is proud to not only offer a great service to the community but we are pleased to have the opportunity to save our environment and make the vehicle that carries your family through the day hazardous free.

Address & Phone

The Promenade Carwash Spa

Mar Vista 12571 Venice Blvd Los Angeles, Ca 90066